Learn About Our Donors: Angel

Mediaon March 29th, 2017Comments Off on Learn About Our Donors: Angel

Angel is one of Freestore Foodbank’s nearly 400 Full Plate Partners. These monthly donors provide year-round support to feed our hungry neighbors.

“For me, the most compelling aspect to donate to the Freestore Foodbank is how it benefits children. It is one of the main reasons I decided to start giving to this charity a few years back on an ongoing basis. It is also a passion of mine because unfortunately I was one of those hungry kids living in poverty before going into the foster care system at the age of six. I want to do all I can to alleviate the burden of children that are going through the same things I went through as a young child.”

Through a corporate matching gift program, Angel is able to double the impact of her donation. Most companies with matching gift programs offer a one-to-one match of their employee’s donations, but some go as high as four-to-one.

“I wanted to make sure I was giving the most I could to make sure the charities of my choice were also receiving Ameriprise’s matching dollars.”

The Freestore Foodbank currently receives matching contributions from nearly 200 companies. But each year 90% of donations eligible for these programs go unmatched, usually because employees are not aware their employer will match donations. Some companies also offer volunteer matches, providing a donation for each hour their employees volunteer with a nonprofit organization.

“Ameriprise encourages all employees to give their time and money to causes we believe in. As a company they understand the importance of giving back to the community. As a financial planning/investment firm our goal is to help people reach their financial goals. We understand that many people struggle to just get their basic needs met and so by helping people in that area we are helping them get one step closer to a more secure financial future.”

Full Plate Partners provide critical ongoing support to help us solve hunger in our region, plus they get some perks. Full Plate Partners are invited to join us for a monthly educational lunch, as well as an annual volunteer day.  In addition, monthly donors no longer receive solicitation letters, just semi-annual updates and quarterly newsletters about how your donations are being put to work. We also will not use paper and postage to send you a thank you letter every month; instead, we will send you one thank you letter each January, listing all the gifts you made the previous year.

Angel’s monthly donations, which are matched by Ameriprise, provide assistance to families in need and offers the tools to build stability and self-sufficiency. To become a Full Plate Partner, please click here. You can also contact Rachel Lampkin, our Donor Relations Officer, by sending her an email or by calling (513) 482-7090.