AmeriCorps VISTA: Volunteer Services Recruitment and Training Coordinator

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Location: 112 E Liberty Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Duration: 12 months

Time Commitment: 40 hours/week

Schedule: M-F, 9am-5pm

Essential Functions: Coordinate the Volunteer Call Center – recruit and schedule volunteers to serve as assistants, develop processes, resources, and documentation to ensure the sustainability of the VCC, and cross-train the Human Resources and Volunteer Services staff to be active and knowledgeable supporters of the VCC. Recruit potential volunteers from schools, corporations, civic groups, and faith-based communities. Actively communicate open FSFB volunteer opportunities, and provide assistance to those wishing to volunteer. Create resources to assist with tracking communication with team/organization leaders. Assist the Volunteer Program Manager with the development of new programs and professional volunteer positions to meet organization’s needs. Assist with the implementation of the new online volunteer management system by providing feedback to the VPM and technical assistance to volunteers. Develop and implement an enhanced orientation for new volunteers. Work with direct supervisors of volunteers to identify, develop, and implement department-specific training for volunteers. Develop and implement on-going professional development and training programs for volunteers. Contribute to the on-going recognition of volunteers as a member of the Recognition Committee. Develop and implement evaluation instruments and processes for volunteer trainings.  Assist VPM with the development and implementation of a volunteer exit process, including evaluation of service, supervision, and Volunteer Services support. Gather and monitor feedback from volunteers regarding the use of the new online volunteer management system to assist in the improvement of the process as well as the software.

Minimum Qualifications: Critical thinking, customer service skills, computer proficiency (including MS Office products), ability to work with and serve diverse clientele, presentation skills, ability to clearly articulate verbally and in writing, adherence to confidentiality, ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Requirements: Minimum age 18 years old. College graduate. AmeriCorps application, including 2 references. Mandatory conference call with OASHF. Background check.  May not have additional employment during term of service and academic enrollment/participation is limited.

Compensation: Bi-Weekly living allowance of $411.23, choice of end-of-term education award ($5500) or cash stipend ($1500), health care, if applicable: relocation allowance and child care assistance. Please see for additional information.

Work Environment: Office environment

Parking: Street parking available around building

To apply: