December is here and we are once again in the middle of holiday festivities. The city is festooned with holiday ornaments and lights, adding a rare brilliance and sparkle to our surroundings. As we get pulled into the spirit of the season, it is easy to forget that the holidays are perhaps the most stressful time of the year for some of our neighbors, especially those who struggle to make ends meet. The pressure to provide a wholesome holiday meal to one’s family, to find adequate shelter from the freezing cold of December or provide holiday treats to one’s children can prove too much to bear for those who are hungry or homeless.

The Freestore Foodbank is excited to announce our December Holiday Food Distribution sponsored by American Mortgage, Sysco and Coca Cola Consolidated on December 19 and 20 from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm at 112 East Liberty Street, Cincinnati, OH 45204. Over the span of two remarkable days, the Freestore Foodbank will provide holiday boxes to nearly 7,000 household in the tristate region. The event will also galvanize the efforts of hundreds of volunteers who help us greet and welcome clients, fill holiday boxes, push shopping carts and load and unload groceries.

We are thrilled to have the amazing support of American Mortgage, Sysco and Coca Cola Consolidated and we thank them for joining us in our mission this holiday season to provide nourishment and comfort to our neighbors and to bring holiday cheer to families in our community. “We are grateful for the support of our generous corporate partners – American Mortgage, Sysco and Coca Cola Consolidated. We are very thankful to them for making it easier for us to accomplish our mission. Their support helps offset the cost of the food we distribute and we are grateful for their help!” comments Kurt Reiber, President and CEO of the Freestore Foodbank. We look forward to continuing to work with the community to make the holiday season more meaningful and enjoyable to families in the tristate region. And we are thankful to our extraordinary sponsors and volunteers who will help make the holidays memorable for our neighbors.