Her Turn for Help

Liz spent a significant portion of her adult life serving older people. Now it’s her turn.

For 30 years, Liz worked in housekeeping at a retirement home. When the facility closed, Liz lost her job and suddenly faced financial struggles.

Her Social Security income isn’t enough to cover all her expenses; medical costs eat up a large part of her budget, which doesn’t leave much for food and other vital needs.

But there’s relief for Liz and her neighbors in her senior living facility. Once a month, a mobile food pantry swings by their building. Staff and volunteers bring the food to the residents, distributing fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, meat and other staples.

“I’m lucky I’m able to get around,” Liz says as she helps a fellow resident in her accessible community.

She also says she’s lucky — and grateful — to receive the food distributions.

“It helps tide me over,” she says.

Thank you for helping to “tide over” seniors on a tight budget.

Kurt’s Korner (2023 Spring)

Soaring prices in the grocery store and at the gas pump are creating additional hardships. And while no one should go hungry at any time of year, it seems to hurt more during the holidays.