Childhood hunger continues to be a tragic issue with one in five children (20%) not knowing where they will find their next meal. Last year, the Joy in Childhood Foundation (formerly The Dunkin’ Donuts & Baskin-Robbins Community Foundation) announced a $1.5 million, three-year partnership with Feeding America to support national efforts to alleviate childhood hunger.

Freestore Foodbank’s Power Pack program was one of dozens of efforts selected to receive a grant from the foundation. In addition, Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins employees from around the tristate volunteered during their national Week of Joy campaign.

“The Joy in Childhood Foundation’s mission is to bring joy to sick and hungry kids,” said Don Auer, Operations Manager. “Spending time helping at food banks directly ties into the mission and the Week of Joy helps bring attention at the national level and in local communities.”

During the October Week of Joy, 20 Dunkin’Donuts and Baskin-Robbins employees assembled Power Packs at Freestore Foodbank’s distribution center in Bond Hill.

“Our team felt as though they became better educated about the childhood hunger problem that exists in our community and all of the different ways that Freestore Foodbank is helping to solve the problem. We felt great sense of pride about being able to volunteer and work together as a team to provide over 1,000 Power Packs of nutritious food to children in need in our community.”

Each year, Freestore Foodbank is fortunate to have over 11,800 volunteers from area companies, schools and organizations donate their time to help fight hunger. In addition to working on events and our farm, these volunteers assemble every single Power Pack sent to elementary school children to provide food during the weekend: that’s over 196,000 Power Packs every year!

“Since 2007, the Joy in Childhood Foundation has encouraged employees to volunteer their time to local Feeding America food banks, as well as participate in other community service activities. It allows the franchisees and their team members to make an impact directly within their local trade area – helping people they may see every day and not even know the need. Child hunger is closer than you think. It could impact your neighbors, your coworkers, your child’s classmates.”

Every day, Freestore Foodbank works to provide critical nutrition to hungry children in our community, from birth through adulthood. Thanks to support from companies and corporate foundations like the Joy in Childhood Foundation, we are able to provide supplemental formula to infants, weekend food assistance to elementary school children, after school Kids Cafe meals, and a wide array of foods through our School Pantry program. To find out how your company can volunteer with Freestore Foodbank or support one of our childhood feeding programs, please contact Amelia Lewis at 513-482-7092 or