A Personal Policy

Mediaon March 1st, 2016Comments Off on A Personal Policy

In his line of work for City of Cincinnati Fire and Rescue, Brian sees poverty, hunger, and struggle up close and very personally. This has triggered a personal policy for Brian, a single dad, and his son Henry: if it hasn’t been worn in two years, it’s in a box on its way to the Freestore Foodbank. Once Henry loses interest in a toy, Brian will hold it up and say, “Should we give it to the kids?”—code for donating it to those less fortunate. More often than not, Henry chooses to give it to the kids. Brian and Henry have made clothing and toy deliveries to the Freestore Foodbank on average every three to four months for eight years and now volunteer at Holiday Distribution. “It’s so easy to fill a closet with stuff,” Brian says. “I like keeping things in balance, but it’s all the better when someone else can benefit too.”

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