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"Freestore Foodbank Back on Track Client."The Freestore Foodbank’s Back on Track program, located at our Customer Connection Center at 112 East Liberty Street in Over-the-Rhine, provides free clothing to men, women and children in need. Customer Lynn Derkson receives assistance from the program. Lynn is a single mother, with a daughter in college. Lynn receives disability, and is struggling to meet her daughter’s needs as well as her own. Lynn says the help with free clothing helps her to stretch her dollar. To learn more about Lynn and her story…Click here.

Meet Mario. Mario is among the thousands of clients the Freestore Foodbank works with each year; connecting them to the necessary resources to move forward and giving them hope for the future. The Freestore Foodbank offers a variety of programs to get our clients on the road to self-reliance. Mario is currently enrolled in one of those programs, Cincinnati Cooks, a free, 10-week culinary course preparing him for work in the food service industry. Mario is a recovering drug addict and credits the Cincinnati Cooks program with playing a vital role in changing his life; teaching him responsibility, accountability, acceptance and most importantly, love.

Hear Mario’s story in his own words.

Meet Laurena. Laurena recently came to us after her husband passed away. She needed a little extra help trying to make ends meet following her husband’s death. Laurena says the Freestore Foodbank got her back on her feet at a time she needed it the most.

Check out more of Laurena’s story.

Harold Combs struggled with having no direction, no purpose during a period in his life. He turned to the Freestore Foodbank for help. Not only did he get assistance with food and clothing, he also made friends with Freestore Foodbank employees. Harold says that support helped him move forward.

Click here for more of Harold’s story.

Freestore Foodbank Customer Darnella Layne has seen her fair share of hardship. From losing her job to not knowing how she’s going to pay her rent or put food on the table. Amid her struggles, Darnella has shown a great amount of hope and wants to share her story to help others.

Click here for Darnella’s story.

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