Board of Directors

Freestore Foodbank Board of Trustees 2016


dressman-jim-10-18-2016Jim DressmanBoard Chair, DBL Law Firm
“Hunger is an issue that exists right here in our own neighborhoods. The more I learn, the more passionate I am about helping to make a difference in the lives of our hungry neighbors. As future generations look back, I want to ensure we’re seen as a society that cares for those in need.  The Freestore Foodbank’s mission does just that.  That is why I’m involved.”

JulieJulie McGeheeVice-Chair, Customer Connection Center, E.W. Scripps Company





Ramon Rodriguez – Vice-Chair Development, Fifth Third Bank
“I view hunger, especially childhood hunger, as completely unacceptable especially in a country as bountiful and as blessed as ours. The Freestore not only works to feed those in need, but beyond looks to lend a hand towards lifting up these families and in doing so breaking the cycle of poverty and hunger. I can think of no best mission to personally engage in!”

MarshaMarsha CroxtonChair Elect Vice-Chair, Foodbank, Women’s Crisis Center of N. Kentucky
“No one should be hungry, especially individuals living in the United States where we have abundant resources. I believe that if I don’t actively participate in ending the meal gap for our community then I become a part of the problem. Serving on the Board of Trustees has allowed me to become a part of the solution which is very rewarding!”

Bob Maly – Treasurer, Consultant
“After spending 25 years working with non-profits in the disability field, I was involved with Leadership Cincinnati in 2001. I then changed my focus to agencies dealing with poverty in the inner city, primarily housing and hunger. I was drawn to the Freestore Foodbank because of its impact in the community.”

DavidDavid OlsonBoard Secretary, Frost Brown Todd LLC
“Food is such an essential element. I wanted to support an organization that helps to find solutions to the problem of hunger in our community.  I stayed to ensure that the Freestore continues its path of financial soundness.”


CassandraCassandra Barham, Benefits Rights Advocacy Group
“At one time in my life, I was on welfare and the Freestore helped me when I was low on food. Joining the board has allowed me to be a voice for the community and share the need that I have seen.”

Brett Blackwell

Brett Blackwell, Central Bank & Trust Co.
“Hunger is a fundamental problem that can be a byproduct or cause of many social/economic issues that our region faces. Attacking that problem is paramount to improving our region as a whole. The Freestore has a long history of addressing the issue of hunger in our region and has made great strides in eliminating this problem. Its mission, coupled with its stellar reputation, is what attracted me to get involved with Freestore Foodbank.”

Mark Bodnar

Mark Bodnar, Midwest Financial Services
“I was introduced to the Freestore Foodbank by late Board Member and Rubber Duck Regatta Founder Bob Edwards. He brought to light the issue of hunger right here in our own community. I was compelled to get involved to help make a difference. I currently serve as chair of the Rubber Duck Regatta, the Freestore’s largest fundraising event. It is an honor working with a tremendous team of Freestore Foodbank employees and volunteers to help make our community a better place.”


Mel Bomprezzi, The Kroger Co.
“Being fairly new to the Cincinnati area, I was immediately impressed with the passion of the Freestore Foodbank. Our company is very involved with the Freestore Foodbank and fighting hunger. The passion and alignment to our goals inspired me to get involved.”

Tim Brown

Tim Brown, The Kroger Co.
“Feeding the hungry has always been a personal passion of mine and it aligns directly our company’s values and strong beliefs. I have previously served on two food bank boards in my career and have enjoyed being able to help make a difference in people’s lives.”


Tony Cole

Anthony Cole, Anthony Cole Training Group
“CEO Emeritus John Young’s passion of feeding children inspired me to get involved with the Freestore Foodbank, as well as my wife’s passion of helping others. It’s great to do something that is meaningful in our community that can change lives.”

anne lily cone

Anne Lilly Cone, Anne Lilly Cone & Co., LLC
“My personal beliefs are part of what inspired my involvement in the Freestore Foodbank. My family also has a history of giving back to the community.”



Marty Dunn

Marty Dunn, Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP
“My interest in the mission of helping to feed people, along with my initial work as a member of the Corwine Board, is what inspired my involvement with the Freestore Foodbank.  There are many worthy and noble causes in our community, but overcoming the challenge of hunger and lack of nutrition is at the core of all that we can hope to do for our entire community.”


Tom Kirkwood

Tom Kirkwood, Thompson Hine
“I wanted to get involved with an organization dedicated to helping people. After doing some research, I knew that the Freestore Foodbank is where I wanted to focus my attention. The more I have learned about hunger in our community, the more passionate I have become about giving back. On top of my Board involvement, I now regularly serve as a volunteer at the Madisonville Education and Assistance Center, a partner food pantry of the Freestore Foodbank.”

Melissa Klein

Melissa Klein, MD, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
“In my practice, I care for children from underserved communities whose families often worry about running out of food which impacts health and well-being. I wanted to be part of a forward-thinking community organization that helps children and families thrive, which is why I got involved in the Freestore Foodbank.”


Michael E. McCaw, BelFlex Staffing Network, LLC
“Our family has long admired and supported the work of The Freestore Foodbank. We believe in the Freestore’s mission, we are confident in their leadership, and have always been impressed by the effectiveness of their daily efforts to feed the hungry of our region. We are particularly excited about their programs that ‘shorten the line’ by helping people earn the dignity that comes from being able to feed themselves.”


Paula Neises

Paula Neises, Cushman & Wakefield
“I was first asked to join the Corwine Board, which oversees real estate assets/facilities for the Freestore Foodbank.  With my experience in commercial real estate I felt I could add value in this area to a worthwhile organization.  I immediately connected with the amazing leadership team and quickly learned just how vital the Freestore Foodbank’s services are to our community.  I was honored to be invited to join the Board and have greatly enjoyed serving this organization for the past ten years.”

Sean Parker

Sean T. Parker, Fifth Third Bank
“During my service with the Cincinnati Board of Education, I came to realize the important role that food plays in allowing students to reach their full potential.  Those who would normally go without can count on the support from the Freestore Foodbank to fill that gap and ensure that every child has that opportunity.”  

Dan Pfau

Dan Pfau, Cincinnati Fan
“Food is such a basic life necessity. With one in six neighbors at risk of hunger in the Tri-State area, I felt compelled to get involved in organization dedicated to addressing the root causes hunger.”


Mark Purvis

Mark Purvis, Tyson Foods, Inc.
“Witnessing hunger locally and recognizing the need for hunger awareness throughout the US has prompted me to become actively involved in volunteer opportunities in my community as well as with the Freestore Foodbank. Serving as a member of the Freestore Foodbank Board, working collaboratively with the other members, will further enable me to give back to the community and to those in need.”

Dick Rosenthal

Richard Rosenthal, Uptown Arts
“Long before I became a trustee, my mother made contributions to the Freestore Foodbank. Then, my wife, Lois, became a trustee and established the Rosenthal Fresh Food program. Like them, I’ve long been committed to helping folks become self-sustaining with dignity and well-founded hope for a better life.”

Marianne Rowe

Marianne Rowe, Nonprofit Fundraising
“I was first introduced to the Freestore Foodbank in the 70’s by Paul Long, pastor of the Indian Hill Church. We began to volunteer, bringing food to the former Vine Street location. I have been interested and involved in the Freestore’s efforts ever since.”

Teresa Tanner

Teresa Tanner, Fifth Third Bank
“I’m proud to be involved with an organization whose impact is both so immediate and so profound. Food security is the most basic building block of a successful society. The Freestore Foodbank begins that building process. It provides more than food for the hungry. It provides community connections. It provides hope. It provides a path forward.”



David Taylor

David Taylor, Procter & Gamble
“Before joining the Freestore Board, I spent eight years on the Board of Feeding America, including two years as the National Chair.  In that role I got the opportunity to visit many outstanding food banks, including the Freestore.  I saw firsthand the enormous positive impact that local and regional food banks have on their communities.  For this reason, I am honored to help the Freestore in any way that I can in whatever way that I can.”

Rich Vaughan

Richard P. Vaughan, Peoples Bank
“Kurt Reiber’s passion inspired me to get involved in the Freestore Foodbank. That passion is felt throughout the entire organization and ensuring over 94% of all donations go to those in need.  I’m inspired by the entire team at the Freestore Foodbank.  Seeing and hearing the stories of how the Freestore has helped change lives, for the better.  Giving people hope in their fellow man and treating people with respect and dignity.”


Warren Weber

Warren Weber, PNC Bank
Rich Boehne, chairman of the board, president and CEO of The E.W. Scripps Company, introduced me to the Freestore Foodbank and I continue to be inspired through helping our hungry neighbors.”


Larry Williams

Larry Williams, Retired CFO of Brandicorp
“The Freestore Foodbank and its partner soup kitchen, shelters, and food pantries have such a tremendous impact in moving people towards self-reliance. It’s a privilege to be a part of such an enthusiastic collaboration of people, companies and organizations from all different parts of the Tri-State, focused on one goal – making a difference in the lives of our hungry neighbors in the community.”